Maan Soor Hotel Hargeisa

Maan-Soor Futsal, Hargeisa, Somalia
Listing Type : Hotels
Location : Hargeisa
Opening Hours
  • Monday :07:00-00:00
  • Tuesday :07:00-00:00
  • Wednesday :07:00-00:00
  • Thursday :07:00-00:00
  • Friday :07:00-00:00
  • Saturday :07:00-00:00
  • Sunday :07:00-00:00

why has Maan-Soor become the first ever choice for many? For sure, any first timer coming to Somaliland will undoubtedly spend his/her leisure time in the welcoming atmosphere of our magnificent HOTEL. This is so because of the extensive and varied hotel services we provide.

In addition to that, most UN agencies, International Organizations, Corporate Clients, and Business community prefer Maan-Soor to any other hotel due to the following substantial reasons:-

♦ It has long lived smooth and healthy relationships with many governmental institutions of Somaliland.
♦ It has a multi faceted enjoyable service provisions.
♦ It is also a 17 minute journey from the Airport, the Government office to hotel 7 minute and one hour drive from Ethiopian boarder.
♦ Our hotel offers a high standard quality service that consistently exceeds customer’s expectations.
♦ It is considered as one of the elegant hotels managed efficiently with highly trained professionals.

In short, It is a natural choice for many visitors that come to stay in our luxurious hotel. Besides, Maan-Soor hotel has earned a distinct reputation due to its reliable, trust worthy, efficient and cost effective and welcoming service atmosphere. Since its foundation our magnificent hotel has been improving its customer oriented services in many ways. And these improvements have always been appealing to a number of foreign guests.

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