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Hargeisa university , Hargeysa, Somalia
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University of Hargeisa is the Republic of Somaliland’s leading higher education institution and is committed to providing a wide range of undergraduate degree courses. It is the goal of the university to give all graduates the skills needed for success in their futures careers and to contribute to wider processes of educational and professional development in Somaliland.

The University is dedicated to the highest standard of education to promote self-knowledge and engagement with the world through learning, research, and action. Situated in the capital city and the hub of commerce in Somaliland, the University is not only the largest in the country but also the inexperienced student has the opportunity to study in the same class with former or current officials in high places of government. Entering the community of knowledge seekers and providers at the University of Hargeisa therefore represents a significant leap from prior levels of education and experience in Somaliland.

UoH strives to create a learning environment where intellectual freedom is cherished, tolerance to different ideas exists, and no how contradictory to one’s opinions, and the personal as well as the physical integrity of everyone is respected and protected. The aim at all times is to banish ignorance to achieve enlightened lives and serve our people waiting for durable solutions to poverty, premature death, and social injustice.
Contact us:
Tel: 00252 2 634476488 or 00252 2 634420513
Physical Address: Pepsi Village, Ahmed Dhagax, Former 1st July School Compound
DHL Address: DHL Somaliland, University of Hargeisa